Get In Touch

Wheather you are a regular user with a new feature idea or a bug report or a seasoned developer wanting to contribute, 'Project Hamster' is there for you under via the following communication channels.


Our main project is split up into several individual repositories covering separate aspects. Please try to find the repository relevant to your feedback and use its corresponding issue tracker.


'Project Hamster' has its own freenode channel: '#projecthamster'. Please feel free to drop by and have a chat. Please note however, that this is a general project channel and whilst present users may be able to assist with minor questions, any proper bug or feature request would be much fast processed via the issue tracker (see above).

Development Mailing List

For developers interested in contributing to 'Project Hamster' we do provide a dedicated mailing list. Please feel encourage to subscribe and talk with us about how to make the little ball of fur even better.